Christian Jewelry For Women - Great Ideas For Sharing The Gospel With Jewelry

Christian jewelry for women is an awesome way to witness to your own friends without saying anything. Our pastors and religious mentors are always telling us how we need to share the good news of the Gospel, but most of us are not bold about sharing our faith. In a world where more and more individuals are turning away from Jesus, we must find creative ways to talk about our religion. Jewelry is one of the most creative ways to share our religion without having to say anything.

Wearing a cross necklace is among the most well-known ways to communicate our faith with non-verbal communicating. A necklace is great when you are going in an environment in which you are attempting to get to know a good deal of new men and women. Most individuals aren’t going to like it if you preach the gospel to them first time you meet thembut sporting jewelry will nonverbally communicate that you’re a Christian. Should you wear a cross necklace, you’re making a statement about your faith.

There may be some people that are offended by your jewelry, but you shouldn’t let this prevent you! Many people would judge you by their own first impressions of you. Even if a person is offended by your cross necklace, they will still enjoy you if you’re cordial and friendly when you speak to them. In our politically correct culture, we’re far too overly worried about breaking people! Do not be concerned about it! Most people are not going to judge you just because you are wearing a cross necklace! When you get Christian jewelry for women, you are sharing your faith without saying anything.

Purity rings are extremely popular with teenagers. If you’re looking for a great gift for your teenager for their birthday, then this is a gift that will work great. If you are preaching about abstinence at a summer or winter retreat, then you might have your teenagers sign a pledge to stay abstinent before marriage. Anyone who signs the pledge gets a purity ring!

bracelets are just another wonderful way to share your faith! Men may not notice rings, but girls always notice earrings in the first dialog. They’re also stylish when you’re spending some time with friends and family on a holiday outing. They can be put on for causal events or special occasions.