Which Volkswagen Is Right For Me?

Volkswagen offers incredible value and quality and with its proven history, it has become a favorite of many automobile lovers and fans alike for several decades. It’s a proven and decent option to pick a Volkswagen but another question lies the difficulty: that Volkswagen do you choose?

There’s a great deal that goes into picking your vehicle. Going through all of the particulars and choosing key requirements to your driving experience, however, can make your decision making much easier. Below is a list of Volkswagen automobiles alongside their list of features along with a recommendation on who should look at purchasing that model.

First up is the Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen’s leading technology is present in the Polo all around. Its laser welded body shell, galvanized body and exceptional body rigidity all bring about the car’s safety, durability and smooth drive. Its 1.2 liter 105 PS TSI engine provides the Polo performance whilst keeping excellent fuel economy and reduced emissions. The Polo is a superb city driving car that can be equally fun, easy to park and economical to fuel up. If you’re a college student with a predetermined budget or somebody who only needs to get around the city, this vehicle is ideal for you. If you are on the huge side, however, you might want to think about looking at other Volkswagen cars. The Polo’s not called a subcompact for nothing.

If you do not match the description mentioned previously, then possibly the Golf is ideal for you. This small family sized car has existed since 1974 and has achieved success in most markets it’s been introduced in. The 2011 version of this little sedan is simply sleek. The hatchback is a feature that has been one of the chief reasons for Golf’s popularity. Having a hatchback allows for versatility in loading and unloading anything from supermarkets to skateboards, bags of dirty laundry and nearly anything else you’d like to. Besides its trendy exterior, the Golf sport a quick 2.5 liter inline five cylinder engine that pushes 170 horsepower out of its TDI clean diesel engine, allowing for a lot of power from the beginning and a good deal more to keep the momentum moving. The Golf is undoubtedly a fun car to drive. With the extra energy from such an efficient car, the Golf delivers an exciting and safe drive to the motorist. The Golf is definitely recommended for people searching for that little advantage in their drive.

For some, the Golf’s little space is an issue. For san antonio vw tiguan who want more space, the Passat is the car of choice. This mid size sedan is not your ordinary humdrum family sedan, though. Like the Golf, there is still that enjoyable and edgy personality, but on a more mature level. The Passat is the answer to dull sedans and overpriced luxury cars. With its classy and positive layout, the Passat signifies a class that’s searching for a lot more than just area.